Delay Spray

Delay Spray

Premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to define your sex life.

Fortunately, there are many ways to last longer in bed. One of them is to use a premature ejaculation spray and we’ll cover that in detail here.

But I would urge all men to try some natural ways to last longer in bed by using exercises and other methods. You can learn how to get started training yourself to last longer in bed in my detailed step-by-step guide here.

Delay sprays or premature ejaculation sprays may help improve performance by numbing sensation on sensitive areas during sexual activity so that you may gain more control of your orgasms which will ultimately prolong the intercourse time period enabling greater pleasure for both partners involved.

What is a Delay Spray?

Delay spray works as an effective solution for men suffering from premature ejaculation. It contains an active ingredient such as lidocaine or benzocaine which helps to desensitize the nerve endings in sensitive areas of the body like the penis and genital area during sexual activity, resulting in a longer-lasting intercourse time.

Generally, delay sprays contain ingredients that reduce sensations felt during penetration while at the same time, they also increase sensitivity for both partners involved so that pleasure can be heightened overall!

How Does Delay Spray Work?

Delay spray works by numbing sensation on sensitive parts when it is applied prior to engaging in any form of physical contact with your partner i.e. oral sex or sexual intercourse. Delay sprays come in a form of topical anesthetic which is then sprayed onto the penis before engaging in any type of physical contact with your partner resulting in desensitizing effects and more control over ejaculation for men suffering from premature ejaculations (PE).

Two Studies

Recently, two studies have been conducted to analyze how to delay spray works on PE patients during sexual activities such as masturbation and/or intercourse. The first study was done by Royal Victoria Hospital Centre where 31 men who were experiencing lifetime-premature ejaculations participated in various trials involving both use and non-use of a delay spray. The results showed that 80% out of the 31 participants experienced longer sexual intercourse time when using a delay spray, while only 20% did not experience any improvement with or without the use of such a product.

The second study was conducted by Birmingham University in the United Kingdom where 22 men suffering from PE were monitored for an entire month during which they would either apply generic Cialis (for premature ejaculation) daily to their penis area and/or masturbate every other day following up with application before each session followed – average increase in masturbation duration noted after four weeks among those who used both treatments amounted to 45%. In addition, researchers observed that men who only used generic Cialis to treat their PE showed an increase in masturbation duration of 35%!

What’s The Best Delay Spray?

There are many delay sprays available on the market, so it is important that you select one which best suits your needs. We recommend Promescent® Delaying Ejaculation spray as this particular product has been clinically tested and proven safe for use with minimal skin irritation noted among test subjects following application. This product contains lidocaine-based sprays which help reduce sensation while still allowing pleasurable sensations during sexual activity – perfect if you want a better sexual experience with your partner and last longer in bed!

How To Use A Delay Spray: Step-By-Step

Using a delay spray is an easy process, but it needs to be done correctly for the desired effect. Here’s how you can do this step by step:

  • Start off by washing your penis area thoroughly so that any sweat or dirt will not impede the application of the product;
  • Shake the bottle before use as different components may have settled at the bottom over time due to gravity;
  • Apply two sprays (or more depending on instructions) to the underside of your penis. Make sure to cover all sensitive areas including the glans and foreskin (for those who are uncircumcised).
  • Gently massage the product into the skin in a circular motion until fully absorbed – this should take no more than a minute.

This is just a quick outline. Make sure to read the instruction from the manufacturer in full.

4 Things You Should Know

Before you start using delay sprays, here’s what you need to know:

  • Not All Delay Sprays Are The Same: Different products contain different active ingredients which may cause varying levels of numbness or sensitivity loss among users depending on individual body chemistry reactions. It is best that one researches extensively before deciding on a product.
  • Safety: Most manufacturers have addressed safety and skin irritation concerns in their products by using inactive components to help reduce any possible adverse reactions; however, it is always recommended that users with sensitive skins opt for lidocaine-based sprays rather than benzocaine ones as they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or other forms of discomfort when used correctly.

Delay Spray FAQs


Q: How many sprays should I use?

A: Generally, most delay spray instructions recommend 3–4 sprays which should be applied to the underside of your penis prior to engaging in any form of physical contact with your partner. However, this can vary depending on product instructions as some may recommend using more than four sprays while others suggest only two!

Q: Will delay spray work for erectile dysfunction?

A: Delay sprays are mainly used to treat premature ejaculation (PE) and will not affect one’s ability to get an erection or maintain it during sexual activity. If you have been diagnosed with ED then please seek medical advice from a professional before trying out any treatments available over the counter including those that contain topical lidocaine which is also found in many delay sprays.

Q: Will my partner experience any desensitizing effects?

A: Not all products are created equal, so it is important that you research and select a product that suits your needs best in terms of safety as well as efficacy! Some products may contain ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine which can cause a slight numbing effect on sensitive areas when used – these should not be sprayed onto the skin directly but instead applied to the underside of the penis only prior to engaging into contact with another person (oral sex etc.) for desired results without causing discomfort among either party involved.

Better Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Delay sprays are effective in treating premature ejaculation, but they aren’t the only way to last longer. Here are four other tips that may help:

  • Train Yourself to last longer: Quickly build ejaculatory control at home with our Beyond Delay Training system.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscles: – strengthening pelvic floor muscles with Kegels exercises can help you gain more control over your orgasms; this is done by contracting and relaxing the same muscle for a few seconds at a time as if stopping urine mid-stream (just make sure not to strain too much)
  • Slow Down – focusing on slowing down during sexual activities such as foreplay or intercourse itself will also allow one better control of their orgasm which eventually leads to greater pleasure for both partners involved as well as longer sexual sessions overall!
  • Condoms – using a latex condom can help reduce sensation during intercourse; this is because condoms act like a barrier between two bodies and thus, provide a cushioning effect that reduces sensitivity felt by males.

Delay Sprays Vs Behavioral Methods

When it comes to treating premature ejaculation, there are numerous options available for men such as oral medications, topical creams, herbs, or drinks but none of these have been proven effective in long-term use.

Delay sprays offer immediate relief with minimal side effects noted among users after usage (in case of correct application).

While Delay sprays are easier to use compared to other PE treatments such as behavioral methods which require one to practice various exercises and techniques,  they are far less effective and will you will have to continue using them forever.

4 More Ways To Last Longer In Bed

In addition to using delay spray, here’s what you can do if you want even longer-lasting pleasure:

  • Breathing Techniques – controlling your breathing will help gain better control over orgasms; this is done by taking deep breaths whenever approaching climax so that blood flow away from the penis area will be regulated resulting in decreased sensations felt during sex thus allowing longer intercourse sessions\
  • Positions – certain positions, such as being on top or rear-entry can help one gain more control over orgasms while still allowing both partners to enjoy sexual activities; this is due to lower thrusting pressure experienced by man thus enabling better regulation of ejaculations
  • Foreplay – engaging in extended foreplay not only adds pleasure for all involved but also allows the male partner to take their time with sex and explore various stimulation options before eventually reaching an orgasm point.
  • Start And Stop Technique – start and stop technique means that you begin when aroused then pause your movements until your arousal level dissipates before starting again. This technique can help one gain better control over their orgasms as it enables them to take breaks whenever necessary without interrupting sexual activity altogether!

Key Takeaways

Premature ejaculation is a common issue for many men, but luckily there are ways that you can last longer in bed such as using delay sprays. Delay sprays contain active ingredients like lidocaine or benzocaine which desensitize the nerve endings of sensitive areas during sex resulting in more control and prolonged intercourse time period with increased pleasure overall – however, do note that not all products are created equal so make sure to research before deciding on a product.

Aside from using delay sprays, there are also other ways to last longer in bed such as strengthening pelvic floor muscles or engaging in extended foreplay which can help you gain better control of your orgasms so that sex with your partner becomes more enjoyable for both parties involved!


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