What Kind Of Improvements Will You Get From The Beyond Delay Premature Ejaculation Training System?

For guys who have been dealing with premature ejaculation for a while, they will often start to tell themselves that this is just the way they are and that they will never be able to enjoy the thrill of sex as normal guys do. If this sounds like your train of thought you need to break out of this mindset right now because it simply isn’t true. Let me show you the typical kind of improvement guys who used to be just like you are experiencing right now, and to do that I’m going to explain the stages of arousal that occur during intercourse.

The Stages of Arousal

1. Excitement

This is the initial stage of intercourse as you become aroused and your excitement level rises.

2. Plateau

This is the stage where you really start to get aroused. Blood will rush to your penis and your testicles will increase in size and be pulled up nearer to your body.

3. Orgasm

Your pelvic floor muscles begin to tense and contract forcing semen from the testis to the urethra tube. You will soon reach a point where you cannot prevent yourself from ejaculating.

Next, I’ll show you how this plays out for someone like you who suffers from premature ejaculation


Stages of arousal with premature ejaculation

Excitement Stage: As soon as intercourse begins, or even sooner for many premature ejaculators, your heart rate will jump up and you will reflexively tense your abdomen muscles and feel a fluttering sensation lower in the pelvic region. Your mind will start to have doubts and negative thoughts will creep in.

Plateau Stage: This stage is supposed to feel great. And it does for a normal guy with ejaculation control, but for you and other guys affected by premature ejaculation, this stage is often over even almost before it has begun. Instead of riding the wave of pleasure and sharing that special moment with your partner, you will quickly progress to the orgasm stage.

Orgasmic Stage: After quickly moving through the first two stages you will have a very short and relatively weak orgasm. You may start to have feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment and attempt to avoid intercourse in the future.

I’m sure you can recognize a lot of what I have described here within yourself and let’s be honest. When sex is like this, it just isn’t much fun. It’s no fun for your girl and it surely isn’t any fun for you either.

Everything I have described above can be changed very simply

So let’s now take a look at how the same situation is going to play out for you in 4 weeks’ time once you have put the Beyond Delay system to work for you.

Lasting time after the beyond delay course

Here’s the same graph as shown above. The difference in this one however is that it represents you once you have developed the full ejaculatory control taught in the Beyond Delay program. Can you see the difference? It’s massive, isn’t it? Now let me run through exactly how this will play out for you this time around.

Excitement Stage: As you begin to have intercourse you will be breathing in a relaxed and controlled manner. Your core muscles are completely relaxed. Your mind is focused fully on the beautiful woman you are with and you are 100% confident in the performance you are about to deliver.

Plateau Stage: You’ll notice on the graph above that the plateau stage is where you’re going to enjoy most of your improvements in terms of lasting time, and that’s great news for you because this stage is often the most enjoyable. During this stage, you will be buzzing with sexual energy as you ride a wave of pleasure, yet at the same time being able to relax and feel in “the zone”. You won’t be stressing or have those negative thoughts of “what if I come too soon” in the back of your head because you know you have a number of targeted actions up your sleeve to instantly cool down your system should you need them.

Chances are you will also send your girl into orgasm during this phase as you hear her moans of pleasure, see the wild expression on her face and feel her convulse as you hold her tight. It’s a great feeling.

Orgasmic Stage: You will reach this stage when, and only when you decide. It may be after your girl has reached orgasm one or more times or it may be when you are ready, but it’s you and only you who will be flicking the switch on this. And when you do, the power of your orgasm will be incomparable to those weak little flinchings you were experiencing before. It will be absolutely thunderous, and there’s a very good reason for this.

It’s because you have learned to harness and control all the tension moving through your muscles down to your pelvic region and because it has had 20 or 30 plus minutes to build up instead of just a few.

The next step…

What I have described above is the typical improvement men who used to be in your situation are seeing time after time. These remarkable improvements are not achieved by magic, but by following a simple yet scientific set of steps that you can do on your own and in your own home over 4 weeks.

I describe my program and how to last longer in bed in detail on the home page of this site or if you can see what I’m getting at here and how this approach will release you from the chains of premature ejaculation why not take action and download the Beyond Delay program right now.

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