Kegels Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

Mike Anderson

By Mike Anderson
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Many men don’t realize that it’s possible to last longer in bed naturally with a set of targeted training exercises. We teach a lot of exercises here at Beyond Delay and probably the one that is talked about the most are Kegels exercises.

But all Kegels are not equal and the standard, traditional type of Kegels exercises that are touted by many can actually make your premature ejaculation worse, not better. That’s why the Beyond Delay team has created a Kegel exercises training module which we’ll be showing you here.

Can Kegels Exercises Help You Last Longer In Bed?

Yes. Kegels can help you last longer in bed, but they need to be done correctly as we will show you below. And more importantly, they need to be done together with other premature ejaculation exercises, many of which are equally, or more powerful than Kegels.

So Kegels exercises are just one part of the solution. But when combined with a full ejaculatory system training program they can be beneficial.

What Are Kegels Exercises?


Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Standard Kegels Exercises are exercises that were developed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These are a group of three muscles that lie like a hammock and support your pelvic organs. These muscles are integral for bladder and bowel control and, you guessed it, your ejaculation.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Of these three muscles, the important one for us is the center one. Your PC Muscle.

Meet Your PC Muscle

Your Pubococcygeus muscle is often shortened to your PC muscle and that’s what we’ll be referring to it as here. The muscle sits just below your prostate and is responsible for regulating the flow of urine.

PC Muscle


Standard Kegels Exercises

Kegels can be a highly effective part of your premature ejaculation prevention tool kit but not the way they have been taught traditionally.

The traditional version of Kegels may work great if you’re a pregnant woman or a grampa with a weak bladder, but to help you last longer in ben you will need to use some much more specific areas.

Traditional Kegels are about squeezing and trying to build strength in this area. On the surface, this seems like a positive, but let’s step back for a moment and consider what we are trying to achieve.

It is the tensing and contraction of this exact muscle that is the physical trigger and propulsion unit for your ejaculation. So strengthening it is the last thing we want to be doing. What we need is control, which is a very different thing. And there’s a very specific method the Beyond Delay team has created to do that.

Kegels Exercises

So we will be running you through three basic exercises here. The first will help you locate your PC muscle and get comfortable controlling it. The second exercise will help you learn to isolate your PC muscle without tensing surrounding muscles. And the third exercise will help you build muscle memory so that you can relax your PC Muscle on call.


Exercise One Step one:

Locate the PC muscle and complete some light sets of Kegels.

Before we start setting you up with your Kegels exercise sets we need to locate your PC muscle. This is the main muscle that you’ll be exercising and it is a muscle that you have probably not been conscious of in the past.

Apologies in advance but to help you locate your PC muscle in the most efficient way possible we are going to need some toilet talk.



Stamina Kegels


Stamina Kegels were invented by the Beyond Delay team and has a much different focus to the standard Kegels.

Now it’s all about the all-important control.

Stamina Kegels help you train in three significant areas.



Further PC Muscle and Kegels exercises

In our full training course, we take it a step further with some more advanced training methods plus maneuvers that you can do during sex that will instantly te-tense your PC muscle making it impossible for you to ejaculate.

Pulse Technique

Great for further building muscle memory

PC Push (Use this during sex)

An advanced maneuver that allows you to release the tension from your PC muscle instantly during sex. The is used just before reaching the point of no return to cool your system down fast.


Putting them into action.



Locating the PC muscle.


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