Can You Last Longer With Premature Ejaculation Sprays?

One of the most common ways of attempting to stop premature ejaculation is through the application of desensitizing or numbing agents. These are often in the form of premature ejaculation sprays or gels that are applied to the genital region prior to sex. On the surface, it seems like a common-sense solution to premature ejaculation. A very widespread problem that affects as many as one in three men and an issue that can wreak havoc on couples’ sex lives and relationships.

Do Premature Ejaculation Sprays Work

Premature ejaculation is caused by an overly sensitive penis… or is it?

Of course, that’s why I have ejaculation… my penis is too sensitive. This is the assumption that many men with premature ejaculation make not to mention quite a few so-called experts. And it seems like a very logical one on the surface.

From here it’s a logical step to try to numb yourself to reduce this sensitivity, and what better than a specifically designed premature ejaculation gel or spray.

I hear this reasoning all the time but you know what…

Premature ejaculation is almost never caused by an overly sensitive penis

This is probably the most prevalent myth regarding premature ejaculation. Down the page, I’ll explain why it is so wrong and how you can really start addressing the true causes of premature ejaculation, but first let’s take a closer look at these numbing products and how they are used.

Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Along with premature ejaculation pills, these sprays are marketed heavily Online but not all premature ejaculation sprays are the same and they generally fall into two main categories. Some penetrate the skin remain effective after washing off, while others need to remain in contact with the skin.

Non- penetrative premature ejaculation sprays

There are some obvious problems with this second type and they should be avoided at all costs. The main problem is that the female genital area is highly sensitive and if just a tiny amount of spray or numbing agent makes its way there, she will lose all stimulation and all chance of reaching climax herself.

The risk of this occurring can be reduced by wearing a condom, however, there is still a high chance that a tiny amount of the desensitizing agent will come into contact with her genitals.

It is generally advisable to avoid these kinds of premature ejaculation sprays, gels, or ointments.

Penetrative Premature Ejaculation Sprays

So far as the risk of desensitizing your partner’s pressure zones penetrative premature ejaculation sprays are a much better way to go. With these sprays, you are instructed to spray your genital area 10 to 20 minutes prior to intercourse. The active numbing ingredient then has time to penetrate the skin and start its desensitizing.

The man is then expected to shower and wash thoroughly with soap before any sexual contact is made. This is not the most romantic lead-up to intercourse one could imagine but at least it reduces the chances of your partner’s genitals coming into contact with the active agent.

Do These Sprays Help You Last Longer In Bed?

Only a small amount of research has been done into the effectiveness of these premature ejaculation sprays and it has all been sponsored by companies selling them. Despite to obvious conflict of interest results have been quite underwhelming.

While one study claimed a 60 percent increase in sex, it failed to release the actual numbers. For example, many severe premature ejaculators may only average 10 seconds during intercourse. A 60 percent increase on this would only bring their lovemaking sessions up to 16 seconds which I would certainly not consider a successful result. Especially considering the results obtained by training programs to last longer in bed.

What are the Benefits of premature ejaculation sprays

It’s Quick

You can use it as soon as you get it. There is no training or long-term treatment required.

Drawbacks Of Premature ejaculation sprays

Reduced Pleasure

Along with the reduced sensitivity in your genital region also comes reduced overall pleasure for the man using these sprays. You lose the full sensations of a complete sexual experience. It can also cause some men to lose their erection all together putting a rather abrupt end to sex

Not a permanent solution

Using a numbing spray really is a band-aid action rather than eliminating the true cause of the problem. What this means is that if you choose to address your premature ejaculation with this method alone, you will be stuck having to use these sprays forever

A bit weird and Unromantic

Let’s face it. The whole idea of numbing your penis every time you have sex is just a bit weird and unromantic. While as a last-ditch effort it may be better than nothing, it’s definitely worth attempting to improve your ejaculatory control in more natural ways.

Risk of desensitizing your partner

As mentioned this is always a risk, but can be avoided if you are very careful

Very expensive over the long run

The problem with band-aid solutions such as premature ejaculation sprays is that you will have to continue buying the companies product for as long as you continue wanting to have sexual intercourse. This will add up to many thousands of dollars.

It can make your premature ejaculation worse

Another and possibly more worrisome problem with the desensitizing route is that for some men they can actually make your premature ejaculation problem worse once you stop using them. This happens because in time some men will become acclimatized to the lack of feeling. It will become normal. When these men attempt to have sexual intercourse without the desensitizer in the future many of them perceive a much higher amount of over-sensitivity than prior to first using the spray.

Do You Recommend Last Longer In Bed Sprays?

In most circumstances NO. There are far better ways to last longer in bed that will take a little more work but are the far superior treatment.

Here are two cases where you could consider this option.

You have tried absolutely everything else.

It hasn’t worked and you are desperate. In this case, as long as you have genuinely tried ALL the natural training methods and seen no benefit you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

You have premature ejaculation and you have to last longer tonight.

Although again I’d recommend completing some training first and especially check out some of the quick cool down methods. For very short-term protection against premature ejaculation, using a spray may be advised.

What About Premature ejaculation Condoms?

Last Longer Condoms

I recently received a question from a reader regarding premature ejaculation condoms. These are basically condoms with a desensitizing agent applied to the inside.

This approach has just about all the benefits and drawbacks as premature ejaculation sprays and gels. Perhaps a little cheaper but with an increased risk of inadvertently designating your partner, during or after application. Therefore this product is also not recommended as a long-term solution to lasting longer in bed.

The Myth of Hypersensitivity Causing Premature Ejaculation

I mentioned at the start of this article that the whole premise of these desensitizing gels and sprays was based on the assumption that premature ejaculation is primarily caused by an oversensitive or hypersensitive penis. This is in fact almost never the case.

While it may seem like that at times for the man who can’t last in bed when you pay attention to what is really happening the story becomes quite different.

Premature ejaculation has a range of causes that are highly interrelated. What this means is that you need to address all these factors in combination if you are to regain real ejaculatory control.

Here are just a few of the factors that come into play:

  • Unwanted muscular tension during intercourse
  • psychological fears and sexual guilt
  • An inability to read your bodies sexual signals
  • An Unhealthy sexual focus during intercourse
  • Incorrect breathing
  • Excessive past masturbation
  • Incorrect mental focus
  • Lack of sexual understanding and how sexual techniques affect your control
  • Lack of trust and communication between partners

It seems like a lot but all of these can be addressed. And when they are acted upon in a systematic way you can start seeing real improvements to your lasting time. Improvements that you couldn’t hope to see with just a premature ejaculation spray.

They will take some work, so if your the type of guy who is chasing an instant quick fix, unless you can change your mindset a premature ejaculation treatment course focusing on these issues is probably not for you. Here I outline the 8 best ways to stop premature ejaculation without pills or medication. It is well worth a read.

How Do I Start A Premature Ejaculation Course?

You have two options here. Each with there advantages and disadvantages:

See a premature ejaculation training specialist:

Seeing a premature ejaculation coach is a great option if you can find a good one. He or she will be able to speak to you one on one and hopefully pinpoint the important areas. Unfortunately, these specialist coaches (not to be confused with psychiatrists who sometimes attempt to treat premature ejaculation) are very hard to find and are in extremely high demand. The cost will also be quite high, usually at around $1200 for a 4 to 6-week treatment course.

Purchase a Premature Ejaculation Training Course Online

Beyond Delay Course To Last Longer In BedAnother great option is to purchase a premature ejaculation training course Online such as Beyond Delay (The best by far!). Using Beyond Delay you can learn about the real causes of premature ejaculation and begin to train all the areas that will boost your ejaculatory control. It’s also dirt cheap and you can download it anonymously and start working on it right now.

It will take around 4 weeks before you start to approach full ejaculation control (last as long as you want), but once you get there, you will have these skills for life. So you’ll never have to worry about ejaculating prematurely again.

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