Research & Development

The Beyond Delay team and community are committed to achieving our lofty ten-year goal of ridding the world of premature ejaculation. A key element of this process will be an ongoing commitment to the research and development of our world-leading methods of delivering a highly effective training methodology to men wanting to last longer in bed.

Premature Ejaculating effects at least 30 percent of men worldwide and many of these men are unaware that an effective, cost-effective, natural, and permanent exists. That’s over 1 billion men and by extension, their partner’s who are experiencing a significant lack of sexual fulfillment. We can make the world a much happier place we many more happy relationships and that is a key driving force for our continued commitment to innovative research and the development and delivery of advanced yet accessible training, courses, and products.

Research and Development

We believe that the current iteration of the Beyond Delay Training Course is the most complete and advanced ejaculatory training system ever devised and that is a big part of how we have been able to grow our community so quickly. But that doesn’t mean we are ready to rest on our laurels. like anything, we can always get better which is why it’s important to continue to innovate.

Fields Of Premature Ejaculation Research

Currently, the overwhelming majority of official research regarding premature ejaculation is on drug-based treatments. After all, this is where all the money to be made is. It’s not in the interest of these companies to cure premature ejaculation perminantly because they are then unable to make any more money from you. It is much more profitable for these companies to sell you an ongoing drug, spray, or other product-based treatment.

This is why it’s important for us to continue our research into cognitive-behavioral forms of treatment for premature ejaculation. At the heart of our research lies our community of users. The men (and their partners) who provide the crucial realtime feedback that allows us to develop our courses and training modules so quickly.

If you are interested in this field of research or simple have some ideas you’d like to share with our team we are always happy to connect. Please contact our research lead with any corespandance at the following address:

User Feedback

The more people who join our community, the more we can continue to research and receive real-time feedback.


Academic Research

Despite the aforementioned lack of funded research

Communication Improvements

We realized very early on that


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