Beyond Delay Reviews And User Feedback

“Hey Mike. Wow! What an awesome program. Thanks for putting all this together. My wife and I are so happy these days and a large part of that is because of you and the BD program!

Beyond Delay Review

I wish I had this program during my 20s

Ever since my late teen my premature ejaculation problem has destroyed every single relationship I have ever been in. Even with the girls who seemed to start out being so understanding it would eventually get to them and they would leave.

A phycologist I had been seeing told me about the Beyond Delay program and how it had helped another of his client so I checked out the site and was pleased to see that it showed real details about what the program does and how it works.

I got the program straight away and started working at it. I think the hardest part was changing my mindset away from thinking I would always have this problem. But after a few weeks and really developing in all the areas I could see exactly how much of an improvement this would make.

I’m now lasting at least 25 minutes every time and I haven’t looked back since. I wish I knew about this ten years ago, but you can bet I’m making up for last time now.

Thanks Mike

Andy P
South Dakota