How To Stop Premature Ejaculation In 8 Easy Steps

Mike Anderson

By Mike Anderson
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Here we’ll be looking at the most effective methods to stop premature ejaculation permanently. Of all the treatments there is one that is by far the most successful method.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Permanently

You may be surprised to hear that it’s not a drug, a spray, or even anything you need to visit a specialist for. The best way to prevent early ejaculation is to learn the skills of ejaculation control yourself.

It’s easy to learn once you know what to focus on. And that’s what you’ll be learning here.

Hi. I’m Mike, and I’m your new coach. Here are the 7 steps you’ll be taking to stop premature ejaculation permanently

Methods To Stop Premature Ejaculation:

  1. Understanding Arousal
  2. How To Cool Your System Fast – before reaching the point of no return
  3. What to think about
  4. The Best Premature Ejaculation Exercises – Important
  5. How to breathe before and during sex
  6. Sexual techniques to prevent PE (important)
  7. Best positions to avoid climaxing early
  8. How to have hard sex without ejaculating too soon (final step)

And that’s it. If you follow these 8 steps I promise that you can eliminate premature ejaculation from your life and relationships for good.

Easy to get started

We’ve ordered everything so you can start with the easiest and fastest working methods. You can then work your way through to the more powerful stuff that may take a few weeks to master.

1. Understanding Arousal

Arousal Levels During Sex
Today you’ll be getting a list of exact methods and training exercises that will allow you to stop premature ejaculation without pills, sprays or medication.

But before we get to the specifics you’ll have to make sure that you’re thinking about sex in the right way.

So we’ll start out by making sure you understand sexual arousal. And I can almost guarantee that you’re getting this wrong.

Most guys assume that during sex your arousal and ejaculatory system build up with pressure just like a steam engine. And when that pressure reaches a certain point… boom. It’s all over.

It may be after 1 minute or 5 minutes. Or it may be after 20 seconds.

This is how most guys with premature ejaculation think sex works.

Arousal For Men With Premature Ejaculation

But it doesn’t have to work like this.

During sex, you are not some pressure cooker steaming Brussel sprouts. The whole idea of pressure building is an illusion.

A much better way to think of yourself is as a surfer. And you are riding the wave of arousal.

Think Like A Surfer

Prevent PE by riding the wave of arousal
Instead of trying to keep your arousal as low as possible during sex, you should be learning how to ride that wave. I’ll be giving you all the skills you need to do this, but for now, it’s important that you make that mental switch.

Once you develop your skills and become comfortable you will find yourself pushing up your arousal on purpose to the peak because you know how to bring it back down.

Your new sex sessions will start looking like this…


Riding The Wave Of Arousal Is The Best Way To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

To do this you will need to develop some tools and skills. But this shift in mindset is something that you’ll need to complete.


A lot of the exercises and training you will be doing are to make sure you can complete turnbacks during sex. Because they are the key to preventing premature ejaculation permanently.

Turnbacks Are A Key Skill You Will Need To Stop Premature Ejaculation

A turnback is when you feel your arousal level reaching the point of no return and are able to bring it back down. Once you get past your first turnback during sex your chance of lasting longer in bed improves dramatically.

You probably feel like it’s impossible for you to do this right now.

But with a handful of new techniques, you’ll be pulling off multiple turnbacks in no time. I promise.

It Is Not About Stopping During Sex

Just stopping during sex and waiting for your arousal to decrease IS NOT a turnback. Unlike most advice, you will find online I will never teach you to stop during sex. Women hate it and it will lead to you developing the wrong mindset.

Turnbacks are when you use the skills, techniques, and knowledge you have crafted to bring your arousal back down during sex.

If you use this system, your first goal will be to complete a single turnback during sex. From there you will work to increase the number of turnbacks. You will eventually reach a point after multiple turnbacks where you can ride your arousal level up and down at will.

Here are a few of the skills that will help you turn back during sex.

  • Instant Cooldown Techniques (you will learn these next)
  • Breathing Techniques
  • PC muscle control
  • Visualization
  • Edging Training
  • Ejaculatory muscle tension release techniques

And the real power comes when you learn to combine these techniques.

How To Use Instant Cool-Down Tricks To Stop Ejaculation Too Quickly

Cool Down Methods To Stop Ejaculating Too Soon
Next, I’ll show you a few techniques you can start using today to stop your arousal from reaching the point of no return.

Think of these as a hack or way to trick your ejaculatory system.

These will get you started on your journey towards stopping premature ejaculation and will keep you covered until you learn the more powerful methods.

Eventually, you won’t need to use these methods but until then here’s 2 instant cool-down tricks you can put into action.

The Tune-In Method

Tune In During Sex To Prevent Climaing
First up it’s the tune-in method.

PC Release

If you follow my system you’ll be learning how to take total control over your PC muscle, and be able to relax it on call. This instant cool down method also

If you don’t yet know how to locate your PC muscle read this first.

Hopefully, by using these techniques you will be able to go for longer and perhaps get your first turnback. But don’t be that guy who stops here, because we have a lot more work on.

Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Premature Ejaculation Exercises
By using what you learn here you should be lasting longer by tonight, but to permanently put an end to your premature ejaculation nightmare you’re going to have to do some targeted training.

Power Edging

As you know, it’s all about those Turnbacks and my targeted power edging set of premature ejaculation exercises are the key. Here’s where you hone your skills and get comfortable riding that wave.

My power edging method is different from the standard edging that most articles and books teach.

Kegels Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

A lot of the uninformed articles you read online will tell you to do Kegels Exercises for premature ejaculation. But unless you’re a pregnant woman or an old guy with zero bladder control standard Kegels exercises won’t help you.

Sexual Focus Training

This component of the training module teaches you to combine your physical skills and mental focus to make sure you are in the zone during sex. It will ensure you are “lost in the Moment” and not thinking about the clock.

Avoid these methods

  • Standard Kegels exercises
  • Stop and Start
  • Squeeze method –
  • Distracting Yourself (distraction method)

Fixing The Mental Triggers Of Premature Ejaculation

Mental Changes To Reduce Premature Ejaculation Naturally
Learning the physicals skills I’m walking you through today is a must if you want to cure PE for good. But there are also some mental changes you’ll need to make.

To get your head in the right place and primed for long-lasting sex you’ll need to do 2 things.

Number 1 is to learn all the physical skills I’ll show you today. There’s no point improving your sexual confidence if you are not also improving the physical skills of ejaculation control. That’s just not how it works.

Just like with any sport, you need to learn the techniques and practice before you show up to the game feeling confident. And sex is no different.

So the best way to increase your sexual confidence and decrease anxiety and fears is to know you have learned all the tools needed to control your climax. Once you have acquired all the skills I’ll show you an aura of confidence will follow.

Number 2 is to make the following changes to your mindset.

That said there’s no denying that your sexual mindset does not come into play. That’s why I need you to make the following changes to the way you approach sex.

  • Mentally focus on your partner – Always
  • Treat sex as an activity (one that just happens to feel awesome when done right). Don’t think of it as something magical or mystical.
  • Don’t be intimidated by females or put them on a pedestal – The makeup of the female DNA is 99 percent identical to you. She will have many of the same thoughts, fears, and anxieties as you.
  • Focus on physical things during sex –
  • Be present – always focus on now

How To Breathe Before And During Sex To Avoid Ejaculating Too Quickly

How To Breathe To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Our goal is to learn to ride the wave of arousal and get skilled at completing turnbacks and another weapon you’ll need for this is breathing skills.

Best Sex Positions To Stop Premature Ejaculation

If you choose to follow my system you’ll soon be enjoying sex in any position you or your girl choose. But until you develop those skills you’ll need to know which positions to use to help you stop climaxing.

These are the positions that will help you get a turnback.

Best Sexual Techniques To Avoid Early Climaxing

Best Techniques To Prevent PE
Clear an extra spot in your sexual tool kit because next up you’ll be adding some techniques to help you last longer.

  • Learn to move your hips fluidly and stop just poking away.
  • Use angles
  • When on top, use your arms and legs to support your weight without over-flexing your core muscles
  • Know where her pleasure spots are and know how to hit them
  • Switch up your thrusting to grinding regally
  • synchronize your sexual motions with your breathing

How To Enjoy Hard Pounding Sex Without Ejaculating Too quickly

Enjoy Hard Sex Without Ejaculation Early
Right now it probably feels like it’s impossible for you to enjoy hard-pounding sex with your girl.

For the guys who complete my course and training, this is the final step. And will take around 3 weeks of training to get to.

After all that slow nervous sex you’ve been having up until now it’s going to feel great when you reach this stage. To be able to finally release your sexual energy and quench her primal urge.

Why You Will Probably Fail To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Hopefully, at this point, you can see how easy it can be to develop the skills to stop premature ejaculation for good. But I’ll be straight with you, and I sincerely hope this isn’t you, but most men are going to fail.

Because most men will fail to take action.

Are You Ready To Fix This?

I hope that you can now see that premature ejaculation isn’t something that you’re stuck with. You are not faced with a lifetime of brief, awkward and unsatisfactory sex.

Start training today with the world’s best premature ejaculation program.

Thanks for letting me work with you today, and allowing me to show you how easy it is to stop premature ejaculation once you have the right approach.

Download your copy of Beyond Delay today.

Beyond Delay Course To Last Longer In Bed

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