The Stop And Start Method For Premature Ejaculation

One of the most well-known training exercises given to men with premature ejaculation is the Stop and Start method which was developed by the husband and wife team of Masters and Johnson way back in the 1950s.

Is The Stop And Start Method Recommended?

Before I explain to you how the stop and start method is performed I have to tell you that I do not recommend this training method to my personal clients in the Beyond Delay training program.

In its day this method was an improvement from what was previously suggested to men with premature ejaculation but at Beyond Delay we have found the stop and start method to be less effective than the newer methods that we have developed.

The main problem is that, as the name suggests, it involves lots of stopping and starting. That’s not what you should be aiming for during sexual intercourse and it should be what you are programming your body to do while as part of your ejaculatory training program.

How To Perform The Stop And Start Method

The Stop and Start Method is simple to perform. It is basically a form of edging.

What Are Some Beter Exercises To Help Me Last Longer In Bed?

Instead of stopping and starting or squeezing during your training sessions, we have found it much more effective to perform actions that much more closely resemble what will occur during actual sexual intercourse.

That’s why we teach a range of actions and skills that you can learn that will cool your ejaculatory system without the need to ever squeeze your penis or completely stop.


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