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We aim to rid the world of premature ejaculation within ten years and to achieve this lofty goal we strive to be active across all mediums. If you are a member of the media in any of its forms here’s where you can get in touch with us for comments or quotes from our team of passionate experts, speaking requests, or to request one of our media kits.

Expert Comments

Are you a journalist or article writer looking for information about premature ejaculation treatments. We have a number of passionate experts who can answer your questions or provide background information or quotes to help you give your subscribers and readers the best information.

Please use the contact form below and include any questions you would like us to ask. Our media relations manager will get back to you or put you in touch with the appropriate expert on our team.

Speaking Requests

Are you running a conference or event and would like an entertaining presenter who can speak passionately and knowledgeably on the topic of ejaculatory training and behavioral methods to treat premature ejaculation? If so we’d love to speak in front of your audience. For speaking engagements, we prefer to have at least 2 months’ notice but we can sometimes appear at shorter notice.s Please get in touch with us via the form below.

Guest Articles

You may request a guest article written by one of our experts on a range of topics related to premature ejaculation treatment methods with a specific focus on ejaculatory training and behavioral therapy-based methods.

We do have some minimum requirements for your magazine, journal, or online publication regarding readership and audience demographic but we are always willing to hear your proposal. Use the form below to get in touch making sure to leave the details of your publication.

Request A Media Kit

You can also request a Beyond Delay full media kit via the form below. Please be sure to include the name and nature of your organization so that we can personalize your kit to best meet your needs.

Thanks For Helping Us Spread The Word

Thanks again to all our media partners for helping us to spread the word about the effectiveness of a structured ejaculatory training course. We look forwards to hearing from you.


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