Premature Ejaculation Pills

It can be really tough for a guy to experience premature ejaculation. There’s no denying it. And admitting to someone that you have a problem is equally as challenging. That’s why most men in this situation will initially head online for a solution.

As soon as you type in any search on the subject you are likely to be presented with a number of ads and website advertising premature ejaculation pills. In fact there’s a pretty big industry around these pills. But do they actually work?

It’s a tempting promise. Simply buy a packet of these tablets, pop a few, and all of a sudden all your problems are gone. Sure you have to keep taking these pills on an ongoing basis and the costs will soon add up, but it’s worth it right? Let’s take a look.

Prescription vs. non prescription pills for premature ejaculation

When I talk about premature ejaculation pills here I refer to the “herbal” kind that are primarily sold online. These are not to be confused with some anti-depressant medication that are occasionally prescribed by specialist doctors to temporally reduce premature ejaculation. These are general only prescribed as a last ditch resort, and their use is controversial due to the large number of potential side effects.

I would recommend all men to attempt a premature ejaculation training program before resorting to this measure. While I’m a specialist in coaching men in ways to prevent premature ejaculation I am not a qualified doctor so if you do insist on taking this route you should talk to your doctor about it.

Herbal premature ejaculation pills

These are the type of pills I’ll be focusing on here. They are the pills sold online from websites that have a picture of a guy doing something like this…

Looks Like Premature Ejaculation Pills Worked For Him

and a guy dressed as a doctor doing something like this..

Doctor With Pills

Seems legit…

What’s in herbal premature ejaculation pills?

These pills generally contain a mixture of the following indigence:

  • Folic Acid
  • L-Arginine
  • Pyrodoxine
  • Chrysin
  • Griffonia simplicifolia extract
  • Piper nigrum extract

Plus a large percent of the actual content is usually a combination of:

  • Rice flour
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicone
  • Dioxide
  • Starch

While none of these indigence will do you any harm, none of them have been scientifically shown to have any effect on ejaculatory control.

Who are they sold by?

Almost all premature ejaculation pills I’ve seen promoted are sold by online marketing companies. It’s telling to note that most of these companies also sell “penis enlargement pills” which, as you would imagine are equally as ineffective as the premature ejaculation versions. In fact, these are often exactly the same pill relabeled.

Who Endorses Premature ejaculation pills?

“Hang on”. You might say. “If these pills don’t work, why are there some many sites with great reviews for them? Again this comes down to opportunistic online marketers trying to make a buck.

You see, all of these review sites are run by affiliate marketers. It works like this. They sign up with the pill sellers. They then give positive reviews of the pills and link to product’s website with a special link. When a customer uses that link and makes a purchase, the affiliate site will then receive a very high commission (usually 50% on any purchase made). There is an obvious conflict of interest here and these reviews are not to be trusted.

How much do they cost?

All sellers state that you need to continue taking these pills on an ongoing basis with the average price on the products I’ve checked out being $60 a month or around $250 for a 6 months’ supply. So that works out at $500 a year.

So in the long run premature ejaculation pills are by far the most expensive option, and paradoxically the least effective. In comparison, I charge $1200 for 4 weeks of consultations where I teach my premature ejaculation training course. A higher one off cost, but a permanent solution that is guaranteed to work.

You can also download my Beyond Delay training course for just $49 and get started right now.

Do you recommend premature ejaculation pills?

Here’s what I tell my clients. If you want to try taking these herbal pills I have no problem with it. If you have cash to burn and it gives you confidence why not. Just make sure that they are safe and that you know what’s in them.

The important thing is that you get down to business and follow the steps laid out in my training course so you can start experience some real and permanent results.

Why don’t herbal pills work against premature ejaculation?

Once you understand the real causes of premature ejaculation and how the male ejaculatory system functions it becomes crystal clear why herbal pill are so ineffective at preventing premature ejaculation. Here’s why.

Almost all men who experience premature ejaculation have absolutely nothing wrong with them. Zilch.

And while the companies selling these pills and sprays will try to convince you otherwise (it’s the best way for them to get you to part with your dollars after all), the truth is, you are completely normal. The real reason you ejaculate prematurely is simply because you haven’t yet learned the skills of ejaculation control. These are skills and abilities that any guy can learn, no matter how severe your premature ejaculation currently is. All you need is the right advise and techniques and some practice.

Many of the guys that come to see me looking for help have tried taking these premature ejaculation pills before without luck.

And I always explain it like this…

If you were unable to swim, would taking a pill help you? How about learning to drive a car? Would a pill help improve your golf swing?

Would a pill help you play golf?

Would a pills help this?

Of course it wouldn’t. There’s only one way to get better at all these things and that’s to learn the right techniques and then practice.

Well guess what. It’s absolutely no different for guys with premature ejaculation and learning full ejaculation control.

It seems obvious when it’s put like this, yet the idea of taking a pill for the easy option can still be tempting, and marketers know this.

So what skills can you learn to last longer in bed?

Next I’ll outline all of these skills or you can check out my article on how to last longer in bed if you want to skip straight to the good stuff.

As soon as you make the choice to attack this problem the right way, the sooner you will start seeing real results. There’s a whole range of skills that I teach guys to last longer in bed and when combined, all men who give this a shot see significant improvements within a month.

These skills will all help you last longer in bed:

  • Learning the correct way to breath both before and during intercourse
  • How to use meditative methods to put yourself in a superior state of mind
  • Knowing key instant cool down methods to turn back the clock when you approach the point of no return
  • Physical training methods to build ejaculatory control
  • Learning how to read the signals you body is sending you and what action to take
  • Knowing how to tune in your mental focus (hint: this is not about trying to distract yourself)
  • Key sexual techniques that make it easier to remain in control while still stimulating your partner
  • Mental tips and tricks to boost confidence and avoid negative focus
  • Plus a full understanding of how the ejaculatory system works and how you can take control of it.

It sounds like a lot but with the right mentoring all of these skills can be mastered within a month and this is the only true way to take full control of your ejaculatory control and stop premature ejaculation for good.

I show you all of this plus a whole lot more in my Beyond Delay ejaculation training course. And I can guarantee it will be much more effective (and a whole lot cheaper) than any herbal pill you will find.


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