How To Last Longer In bed According To Reddit

I noticed recently that Google’s search suggest feature has been auto-suggesting “How to Last Longer in bed Reddit” and “Yahoo” when people search for help lasting in bed. As a lot of the information and advice you see online about premature ejaculation is totally off the mark I thought I’d check out some of the advice being given out on Reddit and Yahoo.

Can You Trust User Forums Such as Reddit For Premature Ejaculation Advice?

The results were mixed. There was the odd bit of good advice mixed in with a lot of well-intentioned but misleading tips and a few answers that were just completely off the mark. Here I’ll look at a few of the questions asked on Reddit and Yahoo Answers on how to last longer in bed and answer them correctly.

The first result to appear when searching for “How to last longer in bed Reddit” is a post by Reddit user “Kichigaijin” with some advice titled “Tips for men to last longer in bed”. In it he gives advice on how to distract yourself during intercourse to try and last longer.

Here it is:

A Reddit user comment on How to last longer in bed
A Reddit User’s Comment on Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the most widely spread pieces of advice given out to men with premature ejaculation and it’s also one of the worst things you can do. I’ll explain why this is so further down the page.

“Like a lot of guys, I often wished that I could go longer during sex. Often times, when I realized I was approaching the end, I would think of something totally random to try to slow things down… Goldfish, old ladies, baseball… Never seemed to work.”

Should You Use Distraction To Last Longer In Bed?

This is something that most guys who ejaculate prematurely will try. Not only does it not work very well but it also means that you don’t enjoy sex at all because you are so focused on some sweaty baseball player.

Kichigaijan then claims that he has worked out where he was going wrong and offers his advice to everyone…

“I started thinking about doing it like I’m working out back in boot camp. We used to do jumping jacks and count off “ONE two three four Two two three four” etc… I just imagined that I’m not having sex here, I’m actually working out and I need to count off in my mind for each thrust”

He then adds “The possible downside is, you’re not enjoying it as much”.

It pains me to see this piece of advice at the top of the search results because it means a lot of guys will read it and follow it, when what they really should be doing is the exact opposite. It seems counter-intuitive at first but let me explain.

Tune In, Not Out During Sex

We have a whole module on this topic in the Beyond Delay Course and I know it’s one of the most successful components. You can skip straight to his list of methods you can use to last longer in bed here.

During sex, most guys who have never been taught better techniques, just focus in the sensation of their genitals during intercourse. It’s a natural inclination for many guys to do this. In fact, most guys don’t even realize that’s what they are doing. If you have a hard time lasting longer in bed this is going to have to stop.

This is where the “distract yourself” advice comes from. But instead of just trying to block out the sensations in your genital region there is a far superior method you should be using.

Tune In To As Many Senses As Possible

The trick is to tune in to everything you are feeling and sensing during intercourse. Think about it. You have five senses and each of those senses is sensing a range of things. how many of these are you aware of during intercourse?

If your like most guys the answer is probably “not many”. Here are a few things you can be conscious of during intercourse

  • Feel your partner’s body paying specific notice to the feel of the area
  • Feel the sheets beneath you
  • Feel your breath passing your lips as you breathe out
  • Feel your partners breath
  • Feel your partner’s hair
  • Hear the noises your partner is making
  • Taste your partner – her lips, her skin
  • Smell the scent of your partner hair

This is just a start but you get the idea.

By being conscious of all these things you will be spreading your attention around. This will have the effect of taking your focus off just your penis and it’s stimulation much more effectively than thinking about Goldfish, Baseball or Military drills.

In the Beyond Delay training program, we use this technique as a starting point to build towards what we call being “In the zone”. This will take a bit of work and should be completed along with the other ejaculation control skills and is the point when you lose track of time. You stop worrying, stop thinking about the clock, and just start enjoying sex and the beautiful woman you are with the way it should be enjoyed.

Note: This is also why premature ejaculation sprays that numb your genitals are not a great solution.

Can You Trust Reddit User’s Responses?

The thing about an open forum such as Reddit or Yahoo Answers is that anyone can have an opinion. It can work well sometimes, but can also lead to the spread of misinformation and incorrect assumptions. And when it comes to premature ejaculation you really do want to make sure the advice you are getting is from someone who knows what they are talking about.

30 people will tend to have 30 different answers for the same question with every one of them believing that there answer is the best. Let’s take a look at some of the Reddit user answers for

  • “Alcohol is way better than any exercise or mental process”
  • “A lot of times it’s mental. Your nerves get the best of you”
  • “if you feel like you’re going to pop, pull out, relax, stimulate your partner for a bit”
  • “Just don’t count out loud” – OK. That was funny
  • “KEGELS!”
  • “You can also try jerking off like an hour before sex”
  • “Or you could just tell her – my first one is gonna be quick, then I’ll be ready again”

All of these answers may help some individuals in some cases but none of them are truly going to help you develop the staying power to consistently last longer in bed. To control your ejaculation effectively you are going to have to get some solid advice from an expert and start training the right way.

The problem with a lot of the advice I saw on Reddit is that they don’t look at the problem of being unable to last in bed in an overall way. Sure a few tips here and there may help marginally, but it’s not going to fix the problem for good.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing and humiliating guys can face so it’s not surprising most men who struggle to last in bed head online to search for advice. After all. Who wants to talk to a stranger about your “little problem”?

A better Way To Last Longer In bed

The good news now is that men can get the quality advice they need from an expert, while still remaining completely anonymous. The Beyond Delay premature ejaculation training course has given thousands of men access to the best information and training advice, that previously was unavailable.


Beyond Delay Course To Last Longer In Bed

Not only can you start working on improving your ejaculation control straight away, but you can do it for less than the price of a single night out with your girl.

Ultimately when it comes to getting advice online you have to make the decision of how important is fixing this problem to you? Is it worth spending a few bucks to get a tried and tested method of eliminating premature ejaculation for good? Or would you rather stick to free scraps of advice floating around online at sites such as Reddit and Yahoo answers?

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