Premature Ejaculation Medicine

For guys with PE, it can be a shock to realize you have this problem and there’s a good chance that you will immediately start searching for an effective solution to help you last longer in bed.

One of those solutions is premature ejaculation Medicines, or to be more precise: medications that are sometimes prescribed to men with premature discharge, because to date there are generally no products that have been specifically approved to help men last longer in bed.

That said there had been plenty of research done on using a variety of tablets off-label to help men and the science has some pretty good data to look into.

I’ll be guiding you through that shortly, but first up we should be asking ourselves an important question

Should Premature Ejaculation Be Considered A Medical Issue?

This predicament is one of those things that doesn’t neatly fit into the basket of a traditional medical condition.

For one it is said to affect about 30 percent of men which, if classified as a medical condition would have to put it right up at the top with the most common.

There are a few other methods that you should consider before you take the medical route

  • Natural Remedies
  • Training Yourself to last longer
  • Mindset adjustments
  • The Beyond Delay training program
  • PE exercises
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