5 Premature Ejaculation Causes

Do you know what causes your premature ejaculation?

If you’re like most guys who struggle with premature ejaculation chances are that you have no idea as to what actually causes it. In fact it’s quite simple in most cases and can you can be pretty much certain that it is a direct result of at least one of the four factors I’m about to go through.

And remember guys, don’t stress if you recognize any of these premature ejaculation causes in yourself, because each and every one of them can be very easily addressed and corrected once you know what to focus on. I’ll show you exactly how you can do this, but first let’s take a look at what may causing you to ejaculate prematurely.


As much as we may consider sex primarily a recreational activity your body has very different ideas. It couldn’t care less if your girl orgasms or not. All its concerned about is the survival of your genes and passing them onto the next generation and it’s going to do this as efficiently as it can. By unloading at the first opportunity. And for guys who haven’t yet learned the key ejaculatory control skills the unfortunately your genes will usually get their way.

Conditioning bad habits through masturbation

It’s no secret that most guys masturbate quite a bit, usually starting in the early teens. The problem is though that what many of us are doing is subconsciously programming ourselves to be premature ejaculators without even knowing it. You see when most guy masturbate they more often than not have a signal goal of orgasm in mind and will often try to reach ejaculation as quickly as possible. Like anything in life, when repeated time and time again this soon becomes a habit. Then when you begin having intercourse, with the additional stimulation of an actual woman, your body does exactly what you have been training it to do all these years and reacts with a hair trigger.

Your mindset

There’s also a large chance that the thoughts and perceptions buzzing around your head during sex are sabotaging your efforts to last in bed. I have seen the huge number of mental mistakes made by guys in bed and chances are you’re committing the same mistakes without even realizing it. But don’t worry. You won’t need to pay big bucks to some psychologist to correct this because I’ll show you how by making a couple of targeted adjustments to your mindset, you can flip this completely around and start using you mind to actually boost your lasting time. In fact you mind can be your most powerful weapon when used correctly.

Insufficient skills (Because you have never been taught how)

Now this is by far the most significant cause of premature ejaculation and it explains why the guys I have worked with have experienced such significant improvements. You see most guys with premature ejaculation are unable to last in bed for one simple reason. Because you have never been taught how.
There’s a multitude of things going in within your body at various levels each and every time you have sex, yet I’m willing to bet you have no idea what they are or how you can control them.

In the same way that most people won’t be able to swim or drive a car properly unless they have been instructed, how can we expect to have great ejaculatory control unless we have been taught key skills such as, ejaculatory muscle control, cool down methods, breathing techniques and anxiety reduction and mental confidence techniques?

All of these causes can be nullified

Regardless of which of these premature ejaculation causes are limiting your lasting time, you can very easily train you body to regain total control of your ejaculation in around 2 -4 weeks. This isn’t just about just lasting longer or trying to delay you ejaculation for a few more minutes. It’s about going beyond delay and reaching a point where you decide exactly when you will ejaculate each and every time. This kind of superior control may seem like a pipe dream to you right now but I’ll show you exactly how it can be achieved.

Not all guys are going to understand what I’m getting at here. Some will look for a so called quick fix such as a pill or spray, and sadly they will never get over this problem. But for those of you who can see what I’m getting at here, and what to get into the nuts and bolts of what I teach, you can check it out in detail at the home page of the site or please feel free to contact me should you be unsure of anything or have any questions or comments.

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