Should Men Drink Alcohol To Last Longer In Bed?

Does alcohol make you last longer in bed

Damon Asks –

Hi Mike. Thanks for all the great information you’ve got here. When I’m with my girlfriend I always try to drink a lot of alcohol before sex because it’s the only way I can last more than 1 minute.

Is this OK? And is this normal?


Ask Mike Anderson
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Hey Damon.

I’ll answer your second question first. And yes, it is very normal for men to drink alcohol before sex. It is a walk around used by a lot of guys.

To answer your first question we’ll need to go into some more detail and first look at why men feel they need to drink alcohol prior to sexual intercourse.

In my experience there’s 2 reasons why men who experience premature ejaculation will drink alcohol before sex.

  • To relax the nerves and reduce anxiety
  • To reduce physical sensitivity

I have no problems at all with my clients having a few drinks before sex to relax but if you are in a long term relationship you’re going to want to develop the skills up to a point where you don’t need it. Check out my article on how to stop premature ejaculation without medication, pills or alcohol for a quick rundown on all the methods at your disposal.




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