How To Last Longer In Bed

Mike Anderson

By Mike Anderson
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Hi. I’m Mike and here I’ll be showing you my 7 key skills to last longer in bed and how you will use them to rapidly build sexual stamina.

You’ll learn everything you’ll need to go from near zero to 20 plus minutes every time you have sex.

How To Last 20 Minutes Longer In Bed Naturally

Here’s everything I’ll be showing you today.

7 Ways To Make Sex Last Longer

  1. Emergency methods to cool your system fast before reaching the point of no return
  2. Breathing To Last Longer In Bed Naturally
  3. How To Control your PC muscle – and never ejaculate too soon
  4. Mental changes to make sex last longer
  5. Last longer in bed exercises that will give you 20 extra minutes
  6. How to stay in control during hard sex
  7. Techniques and positions to last longer during sex without pills (important)

But before we get started you need to understand this one thing…

There is nothing wrong with you…

If you’re like most guys who can’t last in bed you probably think there’s something wrong with you. That you are abnormal or have a weird condition.

If you are thinking like this you need to stop it right now. Because this isn’t the case. You are completely normal.

The only difference between you and the next guy is that you haven’t developed the skills to control your sexual responses. All men can learn these skills, including you!

We’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s get started.

7 Key Skills To Last 20 Minutes Longer In Bed Naturally

I teach all of the following ways to stop premature ejaculation as part of my Beyond Delay training program. But this will help you whether you intend to use the program or not. All that matters is that you understand that you are not stuck with premature ejaculation and you will beat it.

1. Instant Cool Down Emergency Methods That Stop Ejaculation

Emergency Methods to stop ejaculation

I’m sure you recognize the feeling only too well. Your heart rate jumps, you feel your stomach muscles tense up and you realize you are fast approaching that dreaded point of no return.

And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

In moments like these, you’ll need some instant cool-down techniques. These are sets of specific actions you will take during sex that will cool your system fast.

You can learn them in a few minutes, so you can put them into action tonight.

I’ll show you 2 next.

Technique 1 – CTB Method

Instant Last Longer In Bed Method 1 CTB

The CTB Method stands for Circle – Touch – Breathe. The best time to use this method is just as you feel your arousal levels rising but before you near the point of no return. You can also use this technique right at the start of sexual intercourse if you feel things might get out of control quickly.

here’s what to do:

Part One: With the tip of your tongue trace a circle around the roof of your mouth in a clockwise direction. Make sure to use just the very tip of your tongue. It should cause a strange, almost tickling sensation.

Part Two: Touch your partner’s back with a fully open hand and gently but firmly run your hand up and down in slow even strokes. If your partner is on top use two hands to run fully up and down her back. if you are on top use one hand to caress her upper back and shoulder blade area or the side of her buttock and upper thigh. The area is not important. Just wherever feels natural.

As you do this (and this is the important part) focus right in on the way her skin feels. I mean really focus in on her skin, her hair, or even her breathing. every sensation that you are feeling.

Make sure to use long even strokes. Your girl won’t notice a thing and will actually enjoy the extra attention.

Part Three: The third component of this instant cooldown technique is to link your breathing to your hand movements. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose for 10 seconds (you don’t need to count), as your hands are moving upwards on your partner’s body. Then breathe out for 8 to 10 seconds as your hands move down.

Why It Works:

  • Stops You Only Focusing On Genital Sensation
  • Realigns your focus
  • Makes sure you are breathing correctly (more on this soon)
  • Returns your thinking to an “in the moment” state

Technique 2: The Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Button Method to last longer in bed

The next technique is for the ultimate last line of defense and is used after you have reached the point of no return and are about to ejaculate.

Make sure not to overuse this technique.

This technique will stop your ejaculation from occurring, but not your orgasm. Most guys assume that these always occur together. But they don’t have to.

To implement this technique you will be pressing an area called the perineum and when done correctly it will stop your ejaculation completely.

Locating You Perenium

Your perenium is an area located between your scrotum and anus. It’s very close to where your prostate is located.

Sorry to do this to you, and I know it’s not the most elegant angle, but we are going to need a diagram here to make sure you get the right spot.

Perenium Diagram Last Longer in bed naturally for men

Here’s what to do:

  1. Press your perineum with your index and middle fingers just as you feel your orgasm starting
  2. Maintain pressure on this point firmly through the duration of orgasm (You should feel it pulse)
  3. Release once you feel that your contractions have fully subsided.

I recommend practicing this technique a few times on your own before attempting to use it during virginal intercourse.

DO NOT OVERUSE: This technique should not be overused. Once you learn all the other skills and techniques I show you will develop natural control and will never have to use this technique.

I teach 10 of these emergency techniques in the full Beyond Delay training guide and it’s also a great feeling knowing you have these “up your sleeve”.

Whether you use them or not, so you can just relax in the knowledge that no matter what happens you are prepared with an extra line of defense.

As I tell the guys I coach – “Don’t even think about getting into bed without having these in your bag of tricks”.

2. How To Breathe To Last Longer In Bed.

How To Breathe To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your lasting time is to breathe correctly before and during intercourse. Most guys with premature ejaculation get this dead wrong and it will sabotage your efforts to make it through the all-important first two minutes of sex.

There’s a lot more to it than just taking deep breaths, but it’s easy to learn the correct breathing techniques once you know what to focus on.

Unlike some of the more advanced methods you’ll learn, (which can take a few weeks to master) you will pick this up within an hour. This means it will help you last longer tonight.

Steps To Breathe Correctly During Sex

  1. Breathe in slowly and steadily through your nose for 8 seconds. Keep your mouth closed
  2. Check to make sure that you are not clenching your stomach or core muscles. If you are, relax them
  3. Breath out through your mouth for 10 – 12 seconds

See how simple it is to breathe correctly. Practice it a few times right now. The key is to make

Tips On How To Breath During Sex

  • Cycle your breathing – keep it consistent
  • You don’t need to count but ensure that each breath is at least 8 seconds
  • If it’s comfortable you can extend each breath up to 15 seconds
  • When breathing out keep your lips close together and be conscious of the way the air feels as it passes
  • Learn to breathe without clenching your muscles (most guys make this mistake)
  • Visualize tension leaving your body each breath out

How To Breath To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Once you’re breathing the right way, you can turn it up a notch with more advanced relaxation and meditative techniques that will put you in a Zen-like state of confidence at the flick of a switch.

3. Ejaculatory Muscle Conditioning And Control

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “What physically causes me to ejaculate?” If you’re like most guys I coach how to last longer in bed, your answer will be a resounding “No”.

It all comes down to one simple muscle. And get this, when this muscle is relaxed, it’s physically impossible to ejaculate. It’s called the pubococcygeus or PC muscle and is responsible for releasing semen during your ejaculation.

pelvic Floor or Pubococcygeal (PC Muscle)

So your goal is to keep your PC muscle relaxed during sex. Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, because this muscle is one of the most difficult in the body to control, but it can be done with specific exercises.

How To Control Your PC Muscle During Sex

  • Learn to locate and recognize your PC muscle
  • Focus on control, not strength (they are very different things)
  • Stop subconsciously tensing your PC muscle (Most guys do this without realizing it)
  • Remain focused on surrounding muscles
  • Learn to push tension out of your PC muscle
  • Complete advanced exercises to relax your PC Muscle on call

It will take 2- 4 weeks to get this right and it is one of the more advanced skills you will develop. But once this clicks into place, you’ll understand why it’s such a key skill. It will allow you to take complete control of your ejaculation, so you will decide exactly when you are ready to finish every time. It’s a great feeling.

4. Easy Mindset Changes To Last Longer In Bed

How To Think To Last Longer In Bed

We know that premature ejaculation is primarily physical, but that doesn’t mean that the mental side of it isn’t important. It is. Because the way you manage your thoughts, focus, and confidence levels during intercourse, can sabotage your efforts to last longer in bed when not kept in check.

So to stop your thoughts, anxieties, and assumptions from causing premature ejaculation you need to do 2 simple things.

Part one is to learn all of the physical skills I will show you. Because if you don’t know this stuff you have good reason not to be confident. because you probably won’t last.

Once you have all these in your bedroom toolbox an aura of sexual confidence will naturally follow.

skills to last longer in bed improve mental thinking

Part two is to make the following mental changes to the way you think about sexual intercourse.

Mental Changes To Last Longer In bed

  • Think of Sex as a physical activity and not something magical or mystical
  • Readjust the way you think about the opposite sex. Women share 99.9 percent of your DNA. They are not a different species.
  • Mentally focus fully on your partner
  • Focus on physical things – the touch of your partner’s skin, your breathing,
  • Learn all the emergency techniques so you always have a fallback (You’ve already learned 2 and there’s another 10 in the full training program
  • Learn all the physical skills of ejaculation control – This is the only way to develop true confidence
  • Remember that your partner is just another person who almost certainly has her own set of anxieties.
  • Never believe that this problem is a part of you or something you are stuck with. Trust me, it’s not.
  • Know that you will succeed if you do everything you learn on this page. It is impossible not to last longer if you follow these steps. If you fail to last at first, use this as motivation to keep working.

The Beyond Delay philosophy is to teach guys a set of practical ways to control their thoughts during sex. While these techniques are a piece of cake to learn and start using, when they really come into their own is when you start combining them with the physical skills I teach, because at the end of the day nothing is going to create mental confidence in yourself like knowing you have up your sleeve, the physical skills, techniques and ability to perform every time.

And remember, this isn’t about correcting some deep-rooted psychological abnormality lurking at the back of your mind, because I can tell you now, that is not the case. In fact, all guys, whether they suffer from premature ejaculation or not can benefit from learning how to regulate thoughts, perceptions, and confidence levels during sex.

5. How To Read The Messages Your Body Is Signaling Out And Take The Right Action

Reading Ejaculatory Signals To Make Sex Last Longer

It may not seem like it right now, but your body is actually on your side. It wants you to be able to last longer in bed which is why it sends you a range of subtle signals. The problem is that most guys are completely oblivious to them and let the messages go straight through to the catcher.

It’s not difficult to learn how to read these messages your sexual response system is sending you and once you can, you’ll realize how easy it can be to make a small change that can shut problems down right at the source before they have the chance to influence the ejaculatory muscles.

With a few weeks of practice, you’ll find yourself getting really good at this and you’ll understand in an instant when to implement the right control technique or cool down method.

6. Getting yourself in the zone ( It’s the key to maintaining control during hard, pounding sessions)

Tune In During Sex To Prevent Climaing

When I first explain this next skill most guys don’t get it. But once they begin to understand how this helps everything “click” into place they quickly realize that it’s the single most powerful skill you can develop to remove that anxiousness of thinking about the clock and putting yourself right into the moment so you can enjoy every bit of it.

You see most guys (and even a few so-called experts) who don’t really understand how your sexual response system works will often tell you to try to distract yourself during intercourse. As I explain in my Beyond Delay program this is the worst thing you can do and what you really need to be doing is the exact opposite.

By taking your thoughts away from just your genitals and your perceived sensation on them and transferring them to your whole body experience you will relax and get into that “lost in the moment” type state. This might all sound a bit new age and wishy-washy but trust me it’s not. It’s really easy to put yourself into this state with a few simple tricks and once you realize how much better sex can be, there will be no going back.

If you’re one of the guys who assume that sensitivity is the cause of your lasting difficulties, this method will show you why that’s not the case.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to learn this skill then I’m sure what I have to say next will….

This method is also the key to maintaining control during those deep, hard, and pounding love-making sessions, so they’ll be none of that slowly poking away business that you are probably forced to settle for now.

7. Sexual Techniques And Tactics That Will Help You Last Longer In Bed While Driving Your Girl Wild

You will be surprised at how much of an impact various positions can have on your ability to last in bed and there is a very good reason for this. While every guy is different, as a rule, the positions that will cause you to ejaculate sooner are ones that require you to tense muscles in a few specific areas. What I show guys is exactly which positions cause problems and how you can make a few small changes in technique to correct this. The full position guide is available in my Beyond Delay program, but for the guys who will miss out here are a few pointers to get you started.

Sexual Positions And Techniques

  • Focus on grinding more and thrusting less
  • Use positions that don’t require you to flex your core muscles (such as woman on top, side by side
  • Move your body in flowing motions and don’t just stab away with your groin
  • Use your elbows, legs, and back muscles to support your weight – and not your stomach or core muscles)
  • Know where your partner’s “hot spots” are and know how to reach them
  • Use your hands to touch your partner as much as possible – her back, her legs, her hair (Not just her breasts and bum)

After a few weeks of working on the other skills I have mentioned here you will reach a level where you can maintain control during any position and tempo. Having said that you will find that knowing a few of these positions is useful up until that point as it will allow you to keep a solid pace during sex without you needing to carry on with that stopping and starting business that women hate.


Putting it into action

She won't wait for ever

It’s hard to find helpful and accurate advice online regarding how to last longer in bed. It seems everywhere you look someone is repeating old-fashioned myths, giving incorrect advice, or trying to scam you into buying quick-fix products such as pills, drugs, sprays, or creams that don’t work.

I hope that reading this has shown you that there is a better way and that this problem is completely fixable if you are willing to put in a small amount of effort and work towards learning all of these skills. While I can’t promise to fix this problem overnight (it usually takes 30 days to achieve full control), you can make some improvements and put them into action right now.

For those of you wanting to learn more, I explain all of these skills in detail and exactly how you can last longer in bed naturally in my Beyond Delay Program course which is now available as an instant download.

Beyond Delay Course To Last Longer In Bed




Or, if you have any comments, questions, or are unsure about the skills outlined above and how they work, you can get in touch with me here.

Good luck with it,


ps. If you are the decisive type and want to get started straight away you can download the Beyond Delay training course in PDF format right here. Remember – the sooner you start, the sooner you can be free of premature ejaculation for good.

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